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Pittsburgh Garage Remodeling Contractor

Is your garage not living up to its full potential? Perhaps it's cramped and lacks storage options. Or maybe it would serve better as an additional living space like a game room, office, man cave, or even an apartment. Whatever it may be, Call Pittsburgh Service can help. We provide high-quality garage remodeling services for both homeowners looking to upgrade or for investors looking to maximize their return on investment.


Garage remodeling in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Garage

Remodeling a garage is a big investment and a serious commitment, so it’s important to consider what you’d like from a garage renovation or garage conversion. We can help guide the process by offering professional advice that is tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few items to always consider when remodeling your garage.


What do you want out of your garage, and why do you want to remodel it? Does the remodel need to serve a specific function or many? Like space, storage, liveability, accessibility?

Insulation, heating, and cooling

If you'll be storing climate-dependent valuables, or using your garage as living space, you need to think about insulation, heating, and cooling.

Windows & Lighting

Garages often don't have much in the way of lighting. So if you are updating to use it for living, or working space - Think about what kind of lighting, both natural and artificial you'll need.

Plumbing & Electrical

Garages don't tend to have a lot of outlets, nor do they tend to have plumbing. Again, if you'll be using it for living or working space, you'll need to consider your current systems and what needs to be done to reach your goals.

Our Pittsburgh Garage Remodeling Services Include:

Just some of the garage remodeling options we can help with are:

Garage Flooring

You want your garage floor to be both durable and easy to maintain, which is why we're happy to recommend a suitable flooring solution based on your unique needs. Popular options include concrete and epoxy.

Garage Conversions

Maybe you want to create a home gym, library, playroom for the kids, or an office for your business venture. Whatever your needs, we're the team to call.

Garage Storage

If you're struggling to keep your home in order, remodeling your old garage could give you valuable storage space to keep memories and move furniture temporarily when you have guests. Storage shelves and closets can really help.

General Garage Remodeling

Get help with garage remodeling services such as the painting of the walls and floor, installation of wallpaper, electrical, lighting, and more.



How it Works: Garage Remodeling

1. Consultation and Estimate

Contact us to discuss your garage remodeling needs. We take measurements, analyze the project, then provide a free estimate.

2. Approve Remodel Contract

You receive a custom garage remodeling contract designed to meet your unique needs.

3. Enjoy Your Updated Garage

Our contractors complete the project according to your plan, timeline, and punch list.

Newly built garage in Pittsburgh

Why Choose Us for Your Garage Renovation

We are a local, family-owned, and veteran-operated service providing Pittsburgh with knowledgeable, helpful, experienced contractors.

Assigned construction manager

Weekly project updates

Clear communication

Perfect for homeowners and property investors

Defined project scopes

Reliable scheduling

Guaranteed completed punch list

Help with product options and decision making

Ready to convert, upgrade, or remodel your garage?

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