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Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Layouts in Pittsburgh

A home’s kitchen design and layout have a significant influence on its curb appeal and overall value. Even a minor remodeling project recoups 70% or more of the investment in added equity.

If your Pittsburgh kitchen feels outdated or isn’t easy to use, it might be time to upgrade the layout.

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Why Are Kitchen Layouts Important?

A kitchen must meet the needs of the people who use its space daily. The science behind how this happens involves what is known as the “working triangle.”

This element creates open pathways between your sink, stove, and refrigerator. By offering fast access to storage, cooking, and cleanup options, your Pittsburgh kitchen offers practical and efficient areas to work and move.

The best kitchen designs put the working triangle concept out of the way of high-traffic areas.

6 Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

You can find six basic layout designs used in Pittsburgh homes today when a kitchen remodel is in the works. Here’s a closer look at each option.

1. Island Kitchens

Large spaces can be too open for some people. If you install a kitchen island with a sink or an oven (or even a cooktop), you can create a more efficient working triangle. Many designs include overhead lighting above this surface area to improve its functionality.

2. Parallel (Galley) Kitchens

This kitchen type creates two working areas separated by a “hallway.” It works well in compact spaces, especially when there’s a door leading to the garage or the backyard.

3. Straight Kitchens

You often find this kitchen type in smaller homes, condos, and apartments in Pittsburgh. It’s similar to the galley style, but doesn’t offer windows or doors for natural light or different access points.

4. L-Shape Kitchens

This option tends to work the best for most medium-sized kitchens. It wraps around a corner in the home’s design, facilitating space-saving options without compromising the sensible working areas you need.

One part of the wall must be twice the length of the other to form an appropriate perpendicular angle.

5. U-Shape Kitchens

This kitchen design option features three walls with appliances and cabinets on each one. It puts everything within arm’s reach. Its advantage is that you won’t have people coming through to disrupt your work.

6. Open Kitchens

You’ll find this design in open concept homes with great rooms and big spaces. It’s designed to incorporate the kitchen into the rest of the home instead of separating it.

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Steps to Creating an Effective Kitchen Layout at Home

The best way to create a kitchen layout is to determine how you plan to use the space. This room tends to be a home’s central hub, so it helps to think of it as a room where people eat, work, and gather socially.

Even if you have a large kitchen, it helps to keep your cooking, prepping, and washing areas nearby. Try to avoid placing a refrigerator next to a dishwasher, even if it saves a little on the plumbing costs. Those two appliances can have negative influences on each other, shortening their useful lifespan.

Then follow the principle of measuring twice and installing once. When your layout involves new cabinets and other assets, it only takes being a fraction of an inch off to create potential problems.

If you need advice for your upcoming project, contact our Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodeling contractors! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or get a free estimate your way. Hard-working people deserve a functional space, and that’s what we can help create for your home, or investment property.


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