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The Ultimate Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling ideas can range from color choice updates to changing the entire layout of the space. When your Pittsburgh home is ready for an update, the options offered in this guide can help you develop and implement the best ideas for this critical area.

Before starting a kitchen renovation in Pittsburgh, it helps to find an experienced general contractor who can help bring your vision to life.

  • Get options from reputable sources you trust, including personal recommendations from friends and family.

  • Use internet searches to read the reviews of GCs so that you have an idea of what to expect.

  • Interview each contractor to ensure they have the experience and honesty to complete your kitchen project.

Once you’ve selected a general contractor to remodel your Pittsburgh kitchen, these ideas can help you create a dream space that everyone will love.

Take a Practical Approach with Appliances

Does it make sense to install a commercial-grade stove or range? Do you need to have a luxury-brand refrigerator as the centerpiece of your new kitchen?

Appliances should focus on cooking and storing food while maintaining a sanitary environment. They’re tools for you to use to create results.

Try to look at adding long-term features that provide more value, such as flooring or cabinet updates. Even a fresh countertop can change your entire perspective.

Think About the Footprint

If you maintain the current kitchen footprint, you won’t need to worry about changing electrical and plumbing placements. That step alone generates hundreds, if not thousands, in project savings.

Some kitchens might benefit from a footprint update. If your dishwasher or oven is next to your refrigerator, you could get the extra costs back by reducing energy costs or eliminating premature wear and tear issues for those appliances. Installing a kitchen island can be a great footprint update.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Task lighting is often under-utilized in older kitchens. If you have dark work areas, adding this element to your design can change how it is used. Pendants work well for islands and counters without low cabinets. Other spaces benefit from recessed lighting.

Don’t forget to speak with your general contractor about ambient lighting options. A flush-mounted fixture, sconce, or track light delivers better illumination, especially with LED bulbs and updated dimmer controls.

A kitchen remodeling contractor might need to update or change circuit paths or loads with an extensive update. Think about how your current footprint works, then what changes you’d like to see to achieve the best results.

Focus on Long-Term Functionality

The two elements to focus on when working with a kitchen general contractor in Pittsburgh are durability and functionality. Instead of looking for the lowest price possible, choose items with extended warranties and low maintenance requirements.

It might cost more to have a solid-surface counter, but it’ll look better over a longer time than less expensive alternatives.

When used throughout the design phase, this approach ensures that your kitchen can support your current and future needs while staying within your budget.

Look for Extra Storage Options

Instead of building down to cabinets, have them reach the ceiling. Although this option costs more (and might require a stepstool), you’ll have more room for those items that only grt used a handful of times each year.

Cabinets that go to the ceiling are easier to clean and manage because they reduce how much dust can collect in those spaces.

Your kitchen can see increases in storage space by hanging small shelving units or racks where items can be out of the way. Instead of shoving your pots into an empty cabinet, consider having them on a hook close to where you work.

It also helps to add storage options for mops, brooms, aprons, and other essential tools in the kitchen.

Splurge Where It Makes Sense

If your current footprint and cabinets serve you well, swapping out builder-grade products for something custom doesn't make sense. The best kitchen remodeling services could deliver a new coat of paint, update the hardware, and make other affordable changes that alter the overall look in ways you love.

By taking that approach, your kitchen general contractor can find ways to splurge within your budget to enhance the customized look even further. Water recycling centers, lazy Susans, and exotic materials can produce functional and eye-catching results that add value to the home.

At Call Pittsburgh Service, our Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodeling Contractors can help you create, update, or maintain the kitchen of your dreams. If you're ready to explore the options that could work in your home, reach out at your convenience to discuss your project with your team. We'll be happy to provide a written estimate and references for you to review.

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