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Pittsburgh Spring Cleanup Checklist

With spring’s warmer weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning up your property. Although everyone has different needs, particular attention should be directed toward your lawn and gutters.

Many homeowners only perform their gutter cleaning maintenance once per year, and that’s assuming it gets done at all. Lawns need some extra love after the winter to encourage growth and greenness.

If you’re ready to get started, here are the items to review for your property’s spring cleanup checklist this year.

Checklist for Cleaning Up Your Pittsburgh Property in Spring

1. Remove Lingering Refuse

When the snow recedes, it often leaves a mess behind. You’ll want to pick up any litter and refuse found on your property. Here are the most common items you’ll find.

  • Trash that was hidden by the snow.

  • Dog feces.

  • Organic debris, such as pine cones, leaves, and dead grass.

  • Last year’s perennial stalks.

Don’t compost animal waste because it can contain pathogens. You can use the city’s resources to remove the items or consider starting a composting bin for other organic materials.

2. Gutter Cleaning

A functioning gutter system protects your home’s structure from water damage by moving it away from the house. Clogs cause backups that damage your fascia, soffits, roof, or siding.

It would be best to get up to roof level to inspect the gutter to ensure it is clean. Debris can build up without it being noticeable from below.

Most items can be scooped away. Some Pittsburgh homes have challenging peaks and gables to navigate. If you feel uncomfortable completing this chore, consider hiring Pittsburgh Gutter Cleaners who can get the work done for you.

3. Prepare Your Beds

When your Pittsburgh property has high-performance perennial beds that look beautiful each year, the spring cleanup involves removing unwanted debris and adding fertilizer. Get rid of any weeds you find.

Spring is also a great time to consider opening new planting beds. When you work with professional landscapers or have the DIY skills, you can build landscaping berms, raised beds, and other assets that add curb appeal to your property.

Before doing any digging work, please remember to have the underground cables, wires, and pipes marked.

4. Prune the Shrubs

Spring is the time to remove shrub shelters. Evaluate the pruning needs, focusing on dead, old, or recently damaged wood.

You can’t go wrong removing what is already dead.

Pruning live branches is often necessary for shaping, so it depends on what shrubs you have when deciding the best time for this work. A landscaping professional can help you make an appropriate decision for your property.

5. Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawns need some extra attention in spring to encourage consistent growth. From fertilizer to aeration, every situation is a little different. Some properties might need more thatch removal, while others might benefit from applying a hormonal growth inhibitor.

If you’re unsure of your soil’s needs, a simple test that identifies potential deficiencies can let you know how to proceed.

Springtime in Pittsburgh is a favorite time of year for many. When this checklist is complete, your home and property will be ready for the season!


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