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Gutter Guards For Your Pittsburgh Home - Which is Best?

Pittsburgh sees a lot of seasons and with that a lot of different weather conditions including rain, snow, wind, hail, falling leaves, and more. This makes it extra important to make sure your gutters are in good condition. With so many different gutter guard options out there, it can be hard to know what will work best for you and your home.

In this article, we will go over four options that Pittsburgh residents might want to consider.

PVC Gutter Guards

Gutter guards made of PVC are an incredibly cost-effective means of preventing your gutter from clogging. Installation is quite simple because PVC covers snap right into your existing gutters and can be installed on most types of gutters.

However, due to their low cost, PVC gutter covers are less durable in harsh climates as falling branches and hail can easily cause damage to them.

Foam Insert Gutter Guards

Foam insert gutter guards are another fairly affordable option for protecting your home's gutters from excessive debris and clogging. This is another easy installation option as all you need to do is cut the foam to the desired length and place it in the gutter.

If you need to replace a section or access the gutter for further cleaning, you can simply just pull the foam out. Due to the nature of foam material, these gutter guards will deteriorate after a few years and will need to be replaced.

Mesh Screen Gutter Guards

Mesh screen gutter guards are made of aluminum and/or steel micro-meshes. They are quite effective at filtering out leaves, twigs, and larger debris.

Mesh screen gutter guard screens are durable and long-lasting and installation is typically done by a professional. Most mesh screen gutter guards come in a variety of colors and some even include a lifetime warranty.

Surface Tension Helmet Gutter Guards

Surface tension helmet gutter guards are made to hang straight over the gutters, preventing debris from entering them while allowing water to fall into the gutter. These guards are considered to be the best, but with that, they are the most expensive and require professional installation.

They are available in a variety of colors and often come with a lifetime warranty.

Pittsburgh Gutter Cleaners

Before installing gutter guards you want to make sure your gutters are clean and properly functioning. Even with the help of gutter guards, it is recommended to have an additional thorough cleaning completed often to ensure your gutters and their guards are clean and properly functioning.

Contact Pittsburgh gutter cleaners Call Pittsburgh Service for gutter cleaning services today. Call/text: (412) 353-6018 for a fast free quote.


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